Analizadores, Etiquetadores y Clasificadores


A simple, flexible, and effective generator of sequential taggers based on Support Vector Machines. We have appied the SVMTool to the problem of part-of-speech tagging. By...


SwiRL is a Semantic Role Labeling (SRL) system for English constructed on top of the full syntactic analysis of text. Achieved state-of-the-art performance in the CoNLL 2005...


TIPSem is a temporal information processing tool for English and Spanish. This is based on semantics (lexical and compositional), in addition to morphosyntax.

WaCOS: Watermarking Corpora Online System

The Watermarking Corpora On-line System (WaCOS) is made up of a set of measures for the assessment of text corpora.


The WSD system is based on the well known Support Vectors Machine (SVM) Algorithm. This system has been trained on EuSemCor corpus (the unique basque corpus semantically...


Esta aplicación utiliza el método de marcas de especificidad para el tratamiento de la desambiguación de textos. Asigna sentidos a las palabras según el diccionario...

XIADA (Etiquetador/lematizador del gallego actual)

Etiquetador y lematizador de textos escritos en lengua gallega